Us, We, and Them: Part 1

From where we left off in the previous scene, Mahashi sees a beautiful girl in front of him and was left dumbfounded and astounded at the same time. Nate finally got the girl he likes but in the corner Susan was left with a heartbroken heart. To top it all, a cherry sizzle with Sam’s silence was added in the mix.

And so, a new chapter has begun for the good and for the bad. Someone else will get their love as well, but who that person is; well safe to say maybe everyone will get their fair share of romance.

Part 1

A scenery so captivating, it just captures the heart, well at least Susan’s heart. She looks upon Nate on the stage and wishing that he would just see her as more than just a friend; to see her as a girl that is capable of loving like he did with Janice.

Further behind Susan was Mahashi chasing after the mysterious beautiful girl that got his mind in a craze. He manages to catch up after her and stops her while he was at it. He asked her, “Hey, are you looking for someone?“.

Fiona looks at him with disgust, thinking he was just one of those boys who go after any girl they see. She ignored his question and continued on going in the crowd looking for Sam.

“Was I being ignored?“, Mahashi thought to himself.

Unfaltered he continues to go after her, “Y’know, you don’t look like you’re from around here“. He walks behind her with persistency, Fiona however was not even bothered by his presence. Suddenly she realizes that the boy chasing after her was a friend of Sam's. She remembered seeing him before during the fun fair. All of a sudden, she stops midway in the crowd.

“Do you by any chance know someone by the name Sam?”, she ask Mahashi.

Mahashi answered her with “Yeah I do”, he then also added “He’s kinda like a close friend”. Though he answered her bluntly, he was curious none the less. “Why would a babe like her know someone like Sam”, he thought.

The two then went outside the crowd to have a proper conversation.

“Do you know where is he right now?”, she ask.

“He could be in front the stage, I think - I’m not sure”, Mahashi replied her.

Curious even more, Mahashi blasted her with questions of how, where, who, what, when and why about Sam. She simply replied poor Mahashi’s question with a hint that they knew each other from way back when he was still in the big city. Mahashi impressed with himself, the fact that a girl other than Susan is talking to him. Being the kind person he is, he could not but to help the mysterious beauty to look for Sam.

“Oh yeah - didn’t catch your name earlier”, said Mahashi.

“It’s Fiona”.

“Fiona eh. Sounds beautiful”

For a brief, Fiona actually blushed but then that moment was over when her mind was back on track in looking for Sam. Both of them then again suffocated themselves in the sea of youths on the track field. Near the stage, Sam excuse himself away from Susan, though Susan never actually realize that he was gone till the moment she turn to look for him. She didn’t bother about it, nor she had care about it because right in front her is the guy she wanted to be with.

“Hahhhhh… She didn’t even listen”, Sam sighs.

Sam slowly walk away, further away from the stage; surprising enough Mahashi was waiting for him at the end of the crowd. He smiles at Sam which the city boy finds it pretty creepy. Mahashi then lead Sam to the bench side and told him someone was and is still looking for him. Sam asked, “Who would look for him in this god forsaken town?”.

“You’d be surprise dude”, Mahashi replied.

What awaited for him at the bench side was something he would not imagine in at least in his current lifetime. “FIONA?! Is that you?”, Sam who is between surprise and shock, ‘surhock’.

“Surprise mister? Here I thought you wouldn’t notice me”, said Fiona. She stood and went to him while thanking Mahashi for his help. Sam did not expect for her to actually come all the way from the big city to a town like this. He asks her where would she be staying if she’s in town. He even asked her, “How the in the hell did you come here? Did you drive?”. Fiona giggled by the amount of questions bombarded Sam, and could only reply a few of those questions.

“The time being I travel to and fro. Oh and my brother drives me all the way here. He has his license already”, she answered.

“Eric has a car already? Oh wow - I know it’s only been a few months but didn’t imagine he has his own ride already”.

Leaving Mahashi without any attention from the both of them, he went back to look for Janice or Susan or anyone for that matter. He got bored waiting and got even more hungry after all the chasing and looking for Sam.

After some time, both Sam and Fiona went back to the track field. He told her earlier that it would not be much of a problem if she stays overnight with him since his parents already knew her back when they were still studying together. She already called her brother and informed her parents. Surprising enough, they didn’t object nor were they worried.

“I’ll introduce you to my new friends. They’re kinda friendly I suppose”, said Sam with a lack of confidence in his newfound friends in town.

“I promised to meet you before didn’t I? Sorry about that”

“It’s okay Sammy, I know you were busy”, was what Fiona said but deep down she feels slightly hurt. Though she may be hurt by the broken promise they made earlier; she is still happy that he actually remembers about it. As they got closer to the stage, Ray and Nate’s voice can be heard from where they were standing. The night was almost about to end but before it could and introduction is needed.

Susan, Janice and Mahashi were already together the moment they got back. After a few short minutes, Nate joined them. Everyone but Mahashi was curious who the beautiful girl was beside Sam.

“Guys meet Fiona, she’s an old friend of mine. And Fiona meet Susan, Janice, Nate and I think you already met Mahashi”

Fiona attempted to say “Hello” loudly but her voice was just too soft. Susan’s attention was set on Fiona the moment she arrived with Sam. Though she was riddled with curiosity, her mouth managed to shut itself up. She refrained herself from being a total ‘busy-body’.

Susan wanted to think about something else but could not because her mind was still filled with Nate’s presence. Though without realizing it, she might and could be falling for Sam. For a mere five minutes, she thought of the ‘what if’ she were ever together with Sam. She admits that he does have the looks which is a combination of both handsome and cute at the same time. She even added that he was not the lazy type.

“What if hmmmm”, was what inside her mind, Susan’s mind.

After the performance, everyone went back home. Mahashi’s parents arrived earlier than expected, and so the only ones left were Susan, Janice and Nate. Sam and Fiona followed Mahashi’s car back home.

“I guess I’ll see you next week Sue”, said Nate.

“See you next week too Susie”, said Nate’s newly-officially-girlfriend.

Just like that, everyone left.

Susan goes back home with a broken heart. 

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