The Future: Part 8: A visit to Damon’s abode

Part 8: A visit to Damon’s abode

Damon wakes up again as he would everyday. He had physical education yesterday and was injured while playing basketball, apparently he bruised his right arm. As a result, his parents were fine with him not going to school for a day. He was happy that he was sick because that was the only viable reason for him to sleep-in.
     “Just make sure you take your meds and lunch later.”, said Damon’s mother.
     “I will ma’.”, he replied while still on the bed covered with blankets.
     “Make sure to clean your room while you’re at it.”, added Damon’s mother.
     Damon did as instructed by her mother and took a breather after lunch by playing video console games. It was a 3D-ish console game where the player has to equip a visible white lens. The lens worked as a medium for players to interact with the game world. After an hour or so, his doorbell rang and on the opposite side of the door was none other than Nur Fira still with her school uniform. He calmly walked to the door with his pyjamas on.
     Damon was surprised that she actually knew where he was staying, “What are you doing here?”, he asked while acting tired.
     Fire gave him an obvious answer, “Duh, here to give you your notes silly. Can I come in?”, she replied. As she surveys the house, she added, “I heard you were sick, so I decided to be a model student and pass you the school notes for today’s lesson. Language class was hard though.”
     Damon hurriedly clean the house while Fira made her way to the living room.
     “The house is a little messy today.”, said Damon.
     “It’s no problem. So, heard any stories lately about the Naturals?”, she asked.
     Before Damon replied her, he turned on the television set just to add a little entertainment in the atmosphere.
     “I did but it was from the news last night. Apparently a bunch of Naturals were at the Roesman building doing some illegal stuff. I don’t know the details but my brother was there though.”, said Damon with a proud look on his face.
     “The managed to bring two guys who were there. They’re Naturals”, he added.
     Damon went to the kitchen for a bit. He prepared a drink for his new-friend-guest-model student who was kind enough to visit him when he was sick.
     “Thanks though for coming by. How’d you get my house address anyway?”, he asked.
     “It was in the student database and Mister Daily was kind enough to show it to me.”, she replied.
     “Oh yeah, a fire based Natural was also spotted at the building but he managed to escape through the window. The girl on fire could be related to him since, y’know -..”, said Damon.
     “Just because they have the same powers doesn’t make them any bit related.”, she replied with an annoyed look.
Fira busied herself by looking at old photo albums of when both Nuway and Damon when they were still a toddler up to adolescence.
     “You look cute here.”, said Fira while flipping the album page.
     “I know, right.”, Damon replied.
     She kept on viewing the photos and was both surprised and shocked that Nuway used to be little less charming compared to now.
     “You’re brother was not.. hmm.. How should I put this? Not handsome?”, she said.
     “He gets that a lot. He wasn’t handsome back then but suddenly, BOOM! He transformed into a heartbreaker.”, Damon replied.
     “Yeah, he’s more handsome now than before. I can’t believe they’re both the same person.”, said Fira as she compares both pictures of Nuway when he was younger and older.
After hours of chit-chatting at Damon’s place, Fira made her move and went back home before Damon’s came back.
     “You can stay for dinner if you want Fira.”, Damon offered her.
     “Thanks but my parents would be worried sick about me if I don’t come back soon. Thanks though for the offer.”
     “It’s cool. Come by any time if you want to. I’ll be coming to school tomorrow, so, see you tomorrow?”, said Damon.
     “Yep, see you tomorrow. Au revoir.”
Damon was finally free from entertaining his guest but soon to find himself in a boring situation. No one was at home besides him.
     “Maybe I should go out for dinner.”, he said to himself.

The night was cold and bright for New Kuala Lumpur was nothing like it’s predecessor. It was vibrant and alive, truly alive. Shoplots are open 24 hours, heck even the drugstores are open 24 hours now. One thing still remains, the weapons and arms law was still strict even though the Natural threat remains true in the public eye. And so, a brave soul enters the city searching and looking for food. Seriously, Damon is a glutton.

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